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Aussie: Color mate Shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle Color deep treatment

I have long been looking at Aussie: first, a sea of ​​rave reviews. Secondly, Australia is now more fashionable than ever. Thirdly, I am constantly looking for some kind of care for my clients, which you can buy on the way from work in the nearest store and not regret it. And I did not expect anything special, but in vain. Shampoo is perfect rubbish, and a mask is a wonderful miracle and a marvel.

Aussie color mate shampoo

The shampoo is designed for dyed hair and should in theory spare the color as well as moisturize the hair. But this is nonsense: firstly, it is very tough, it washes away everything in the world: styling, sebum, introduced pigments. I would not have been able to recommend this tool to anyone, and I myself gave it to my husband — it would not hurt his 3 mm hedgehog.

My dyed porous hair after it is hard and dry as a wire, it is impossible to even comb them even after the conditioner, they break, get confused. And I have not every mask coped with the effect of this tool for washing unwanted hair. However, the shampoo does not irritate the skin and does not cause pruritus, for which he thanks.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Color deep treatment

But the mask is excellent. Although I would rather call her a good conditioner – you should not wait for a prolonged recovery from her. But as a daily means of basic hair care, it is just great. Plus, it is convenient to use, the mask does not have a lid, but there is a membrane hole in the bottom, just enough to press the bottle to get a cure, you don’t need to pry and unscrew anything.

The mask perfectly conditions, moisturizes hair, softens them, removes fluffiness and smoothes strands. Hair becomes elastic, soft, beautifully lie even without styling, the tips are also gentle and do not stick out. At the same time, unlike 95% of reducing agents, it carefully handles color. So I highly recommend all colored blondes to try it 🙂

Both remedies smell nicely in peaches, but the fragrance does not linger on the hair.

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