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Disappointment in Egomania Professional: mask, conditioner and shampoo

Egomania professional lovely

I have a mask and conditioner from the Egomania Lovely series with ginger and cocoa butter for dried and dyed hair. I don’t see any sense in telling about these products separately, they differ, as for me, only by the texture of the medium. The mask is very thick and dense, similar to hammered butter. The conditioner is more liquid and creamy, it is easier to distribute and apply.

Both means of PAIN, this line is a collaboration with a certain Elena Lenina (enlighten what animal is it?) And is flavored with “ylang-ylang perfume with aphrodisiacs”. As for me it smells too much and is not particularly pleasant, with perfumes from the distant nineties.

The effect of the conditioner I rather liked: easily unravels the hair, gives softness and shine, hair is light and not weighted. But the price and smell discourage the desire to repeat the product.

The mask is difficult to apply to the hair, so the flow is quite large. It does no more than air conditioning: it unravels and gives smoothness – not at all what you expect from a regenerating product. The effect is disposable, until the next shampooing. For the money you can buy the same Salerm.

Egomania Professional KERNOX MIX BLOND

KERNOX MIX BLOND shampoo is a very strange product, on the one hand, in its composition and description, it is a means for deep cleansing of previously bleached hair. On the other – the manufacturer recommends it for daily use.

So every day you can’t use it on bleached hair – it is very aggressive, drying and rinsing hair until it squeaks, washing away not only silicones, dust, dirt, styling, but also paint just once. So I use it once every couple months exactly as a deep cleansing shampoo. No more. And by the way, the shampoo went perfectly to her husband – for his natural blond and super-thick and very healthy dense hair.

As if I have a soul for egomania no longer lies, but sorry. Such a beautiful brand, with a philosophy, a concept and usually cool fragrances. Other means I was very pleased to use.

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