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Hair styling: Tigi, Matrix, Londa

Normal hold hair spray Londa Professional Essentials

It was with the search for lacquer that I was busy the longest, it is very necessary, but there were no worthy copies. As a result, I just learned how to make resistant styling without using varnish. And then I found this pearl from Londa.

In general, lacquer is used as a finishing tool for fixing the hairstyle, as a new texture (curls, waves, straight strands), and their location on the head. True, I never put the second task before my varnishes, because modern styling still requires very mobile and vivid forms.

Varnish gives an invisible eye, elastic fixation, hair after it is live, soft, light, not glued and mobile. Strands can be touched with fingers, shift as convenient. At the same time, straightening or curling lacquer keeps excellent, does not allow the hair to be pushed or curled at high humidity. It does not stink strongly, does not rub the throat, spray it with a soft but concentrated jet, which allows fixing both specific strands and the whole hairstyle as a whole. Really easy to comb and does not spoil the strands.

Texturizing cream the Matrix a Grip Definer

This tool is stated as a cream, but the texture is more like a gel, that is, it does not contain fat, wax. This tool for creating textures. Creams usually work differently, but about them below.

Gels are usually used on wet hair to create a pronounced curl, highlighted by strands, and so on. This tool can be used on both wet and dry hair.

In any case, this styling works well, ruffles well and textures the hair, while it does not stick together tightly, creating muffled pasta from the 90s. And of course, some kind of wet effect with its help on the hair is not achieved. I like to use it on short haircuts on wet hair, and then dry it randomly with a hairdryer. Or on hair of any length with layered haircuts, to emphasize the individual strands – already on the dried and laid hair. The finish is dull, but not too pronounced.

It is difficult to overdo it, it smells strongly, but as for me it is pleasant. Easy to comb, wash off, not very noticeable on the hair. In general, not very universal, but sometimes very necessary tool. Owners of pixi-cut – take a look.

Tigi Hard to Get Texture Paste

Texturing paste and clay – another product for the selection of specific strands, but even more specialized, they work best on short hair and certain haircuts, where there are many strands and layers. A small (very) amount of pasta is warmed up in the fingers and right hand accent strands are formed. You can achieve unnatural effects, needles, thorns and other near-punk madness with a lot of pasta. And it is precisely the paste that can be used to form “beach” disheveled styling on medium-length hair.

Tigi Hard to Get is a great option, Tigi generally makes very good styling, and in the foreseeable future I plan to greatly expand the arsenal at the expense of this brand. The paste smells very cool, incredibly economical, gives a pronounced matte finish, is itself imperceptible on the hair, is combed. And it also maintains an almost perfect balance between elasticity and fixation, which allows, firstly, to achieve a variety of effects, secondly, messing with the texture for quite a long time before it gets up, and yes, the fixation is excellent, the hairstyle is kept up to sleep, and even before combing.

Cream 3 in 1 TIGI Bed Head Small Talk Thickifier

But this cream and creams in general – my love, I rarely ever dry my wet hair, without applying hair cream on them. They come with a variety of functionality, common to creams is usually the function of smoothing hair, facilitating combing, imparting elasticity and application before drying.

TIGI Bed Head Small Talk Thickifier combines 3 main functions: thermal protection, sealing and fixing styling. And if the first and third are not new, since 95% of hair creams work, the function of compaction or thickening of hairs is incredibly useful and the cream performs it perfectly.

After application and careful distribution of hair, the cream covers each hair, where he got a thin polymer film. Due to this, the hair becomes more dense, resilient, look thicker. And also this cream gives a very good and persistent volume at the roots (if applied) and along the entire length.

The expense is very small, it is quite easy to overdo it. But if you adapt, it turns out perfectly, it seems that the hair is three times larger, and they are all perfectly healthy along the entire length, well-groomed and beautiful.

I did not notice any negative effects, although I use it every day after each wash. Unless it is worth remembering that this styling is intended for styling with a standing hair dryer professional, applied to the hair without subsequent drying and styling, it spoils the waters of the hair – they become dull and tough.

Do you use styling in everyday life?

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