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Salerm deep hair restoration

Today I will talk about my two favourite products of this brand: the Salerm Mascarilla Capilar Hair Mask mask and the oil conditioner in the Salerm Essential Conditioning Oil ampoules, as well as the deep care procedure based on these products.

Salerm Mascarilla Capilar Hair Mask

The mask is green, it stinks terribly some kind of Soviet cologne, light in consistency. Declared as a three-minute mask, giving express care. I use it both for a longer period – 10-15 minutes and as the main ingredient of deep care. Of the minuses – the smell remains on the hair for a long time.

The mask instantly smoothes the hair, well moisturizes, returns them elasticity. Cool works on porous, hard, brittle hair, which lacks just the softness and smoothness. And the effect is not only instant-visual but also prolonged. It is gradually washed away, of course, but one express application lasts for a week.

Salerm Essential Conditioning Oil

Oil- conditioner is a very cool product. It contains silk proteins, it is aimed at restoring the structure of the hair. This is an express care, which is rare for protein products. However, I try to keep it longer than the set 2-3 minutes. So protein is better fixed in the hair. Strands become more durable, less brittle, keep colour and shape better. Usually, protein products make hair more rigid, but in this case, there is no such effect – strands are very soft and smooth, with adequate volume.

Of the minuses – the packaging, the oil is poured into glass ampoules that beat from the slightest drop on the table. I immediately packed up the syringes, because I just interrupted one pack of ampoules and threw them out.

But most of all I like to combine oil and mask, the technologist of the brand advised, for which I thank her very much, I would not have guessed myself. I mix these products, put on clean, wet hair and put them in a film/cap and in the heat for 30-40 minutes. After this procedure, the hair looks fantastic, very shiny, flowing, does not require styling (but thanks to the haircut, of course), I see the effect for another 2-3 weeks, and it fades away gradually – the shine disappears, elasticity decreases and fragility appears, stiffness of bleached hair returns.

Have you tried anything from Salerm?

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