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Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Pink: Another Ode to Tangle Teaser

I always tell everyone that I really love the classic Tangle Teezer comb . At first, I didn’t understand her very much , but then I gradually fell in love for the rest of my life, got a second, then a compact , then another classic — for work. In winter, I bought a new Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Pink with a handle for long and thick hair and disappeared completely. This is the perfect brush, without which I now can not imagine the work. For myself, in other matters, I have the usual version for the eyes.

The whole family for the photo did not meet, I gave one of the classics, another one lost somewhere on the road. The smart compact is still my least favorite format, but in any case, three heads taller than anything I’ve tried.

The most important thing about Tangle Teezer

Some more general information. Tangle Teezer – combs for combing (an inner philologist will kill me now) wet and dry hair. This is not a styling tool, not a super-universal fighter. All my brushes – original, compact, the ultimate – these are combs, but they cope perfectly with this business.

Like its predecessor, Tangle Teezer The Ultimate does not electrify hair, unravels it perfectly. She made from super-smooth, moderately elastic plastic. Perfectly cleaned, cleaned, does not react with disinfectors, styling and so on. In general, that for work, that for life – well done. Not intended (and this is written by the manufacturer) for hair styling using heat.

Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Pink

It differs from its predecessors in size, shape and scope. First, she has a pen, which I no longer need and rather interferes. Secondly, it is larger, the teeth on it are thicker and longer, and therefore more rigid.

Because of this, The Ultimate will not fit thin, soft, hair, it can stupidly tear them out or tear them. But for thick, dense, long hair (and / or) it is indispensable. Perfectly unravels tangles and knots, quickly and easily separates hair after washing, does not tear, scratch or spoil anything. In general, in its field of application, as usual, without complaints.

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