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The softest way to cleanse hair: co-woshing

In general, as you already know, co-washing is the cleansing of hair with conditioner. And here there is a super-important nuance – you need to wash your hair with a special conditioner, which in fact is a keratin shampoo, a cleansing agent in a cream format that no foaming agents put into. But it is necessary to put surfactants – surface-active substances that react with the fat and remove it. All other contaminants except fats (dust, mostly) are perfectly washed off with just water. No Siberian natures, forgive my God, will not do, because they do not have the necessary surfactants. I found two budget and available for offline tools in Russia for co-wiring and I’ll tell you more about them later. In the meantime, a little practice 🙂

Ko-washing: how to do it:

I wash my hair with my head tilted forward, most conveniently leaning over the bath. It is easier to apply the product.

First, the head must be thoroughly soaked, then, right under the shower stream, you need to rub the scalp, carefully massaging, so all the “physical” dirt-dust-part styling will be washed off.

Then I pour the conditioner on my palm, with 1.5 tablespoons, distribute it on both hands and run my fingers into the head of hair, like a composer in a crisis. Now the goal is to smear the scalp with the agent, minimally falling on the length. If necessary, the tool can be added. Next, you need to rub a little more, massaging the hair roots and skin, “emulsifying” the composition with sebum. Then I add some water, emulsify everything again, already affecting the length (but it is not mine separately, there is almost no fat on it.

Wash off with plenty of water. Then I put on a mask or air conditioner, Or both, in general, I did not change the rest.

Ko-washing: bonuses

  • the ccolouris much less washed out, I have a bright blond, which previously had to be tinted every 10-12 days, now it lasts for 3-4 weeks.
  • the scalp gets much less fat, from washing every other day I switched to washing once every 4-5 days, and not because of the fat content (there is none, the basal volume is excellent to the last), but because the styling turns into nothing. Everything is simple and no miracle; the less you dry your skin with harsh means, the less it produces sebum.
  • hair grows faster and thicker (hello regular massage of the scalp)
  • hair is more moisturized, which means it is more elastic, which means less break and keep styling better.

What I did not achieve:

  • the return of curls. I’ve always been extremely curly, and now the texture is gone. I am fighting for the curls to return, so far without success.

However, I strongly moved away from the “canon” Messi. I calmly use air conditioners with silicones and complex styling, the hair is not “clogged” and everything is good.

Ko-washing is recommended for curls, but I would add here any dry, thin or brittle hair, as well as bleached and toned (I hope) blond.

Now more about the funds.

Co-sewing Tools

Now I have found two excellent special conditioners that are affordable and offline. Of course, there are many more. This is Elseve Low Poo (there are several of them, I have for dyed hair), and Yves Rocher Low ShamPoo.

Yves Rocher Low ShamPoo

This cream has become my great love, with the exception of a couple of weeks to try Elseve, I only wash my head with them, not alternating with anything. It smells of herbs, perfectly cleans hair. Many are embarrassed by the alcohols in the composition, but I advise everyone to recall the organic chemistry course from school and the fact that alcohols are a huge class of substances, and they are very different from the usual ethanol (which can really dry the skin and hair and not always).

It is this cream that gives me the maximum amount and a very long freshness if the styling is not disturbed, then I can safely not wash my hair for 5 days and not see greasiness at all and not feel any discomfort. Before the appearance of this cream, I washed my hair once every 2, maximum three days.

Separately, I would like to mention the economy, I don’t need a lot of money, although out of habit I always want to add at first), I had enough of the first bottle for 3.5-4 months. Now I opened the second one.

L’Oreal Elseve Low shampoo

This cream (I had a red one, for dyed hair) was inherited by me from a friend, she did not like it, because it removed the volume. If you have thick, non-porous and very thick hair, pay attention to this.

To me, he was generally well suited, but still worse than the previous version: the volume is really less, I want to wash my head more often, the flow is much more. Plus, it is supposed as care, it really added all sorts of “nutritional” ingredients and oils, so as for me, the texture is heavy. I am still strictly for cleansing, nourishment and conditioning to share.

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