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Who washes mane in the morning? Help Brelil Numero

I usually grumble at clients who complain to me that they don’t have time to do hair masks. Seriously? Is it difficult to find 30 minutes a week to apply a compound to your head 2 times? But November of December last year came to me and I knew the whole hell of a 100% load, when between the “wash my hair” and “sleep another 15 minutes” I always chose the second. If you have such a story happens more or less regularly, and there is no time for traditional care, Brelil Numero regenerating oil with oat extract will be a great helper. I use it for myself in zapar and when laziness. And it proved to be gorgeous as an express recovery for clients after particularly violent stains and lightening if time is tight and I do not have time to use my favourite Matrix.

Brelil Numero: application

This is a washable spray. The product should be sprayed onto clean, towel-wrung hair, and rinsed with plenty of water. I often do that, only I don’t wring my hair with a towel (I’m too lazy). Most often, I apply it between shampoo and conditioner, sometimes I don’t wash it off to the conditioner, but put it directly on top. Sometimes I hold minutes 3, if there is time (but I’ll make it easier then I will do the three-minute masks, actually). Here in the company of the conditioner the coolest effect turns out.

Brelil Numero: Effect

The effect after one time – visual, with regular use – accumulates. Oil immediately softens the hair, removes dryness, confusion, stiffness. There is such a big scourge of dry ends on soft hair – it sticks terribly after drying, it becomes hard, coarse, and this dry wood cannot be knocked down with anything, but the oil copes, it really softens perfectly. It also gives a chic visual effect on split ends, if the length of the cut is not an option – to maintain the look of a beautiful smooth! Cloths can be regular use of this oil. The color does not wash out, does not give fat (well, you need to wash it off, carefully, but in moderation, the hair after washing should be slightly oily, otherwise there will be no effect). But still it is necessary to understand that unlike the masks, which give a cosmetic, but prolonged effect, This oil works primarily on the appearance of the hair. Serious withdrawal from it is not necessary to wait.

Brelil Numero: Cons

I have a lot of complaints about the packaging, it’s not convenient to use, the sprayer is tight, you can’t apply it with one hand. And in the process of spraying on yourself and others, it would not be bad to ruffle your hair too, so that it evenly falls. Well, okay, I put a lot and then distribute.

The second serious minus is the smell, the product smells unpleasant and very, very strong. And due to the fact that it is dosed by fine spraying, you also sigh it. I hold my breath and pshikayu it first in the palm, so as not to breathe.

It costs about of oil, you can buy for example here in professional stores for hairdressers, network and ordinary. I will most likely repeat the purchase. In general, this series with oats in Brelil is very praised, it will be necessary to try the rest of the care.

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