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Wonderful! Egomania Professional Hairganic + Shea Butter Mask for Thick, Curly Hair

The packaging is normal: the tube is stable, the lid is comfortable: it opens easily, closes securely. The mask has a light non-specific, cosmetic smell. By texture, it looks like a whipped butter, but not so thick. Easy to distribute, but you need a lot of masks. On my square to the chin – about one and a half tablespoons.

The mask does that much that I used to get from hair masks: softens, unravels, restores hair, makes it smoother and shinier. And, frankly, I don’t see any visual difference after using this mask or Matrix or Schwarzkopf . But it is enough for me to touch the hair in order to feel it: the hair becomes incredibly soft, light, smooth. This was noticed by my friend, my husband noticed. In general, she does something unimaginable. But very tangible.

In fact, there are also disadvantages: I could not get at least some influence on curls from her. I still hope that some specific treatment will add the same texture to my hair. But no, not yet. Well, the price. I bought a mask with a 50% discount, for the full amount it comes out almost three times as expensive as my usual care.

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